Bandana aus Leinen
Bandana aus Leinen

Bandana aus Leinen

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Leinentuch, von uns in Wien handgenäht aus 100% Leinen von „Merchant & Mills“.

Maße: 48 x 48 cm

Wir beziehen unser Leinen von „Merchant & Mills“, nachhaltig und umweltfreundlich produziert in England, East Sussex. 

„Everything that is produced, processed, and consumed has an impact on the earth, whether it be sustainable, organic, or not. As makers we have more choices than most. We choose colour, shape, style and fit so we can remake our favourite styles again and again knowing that we will not wear these for just a season but year on year; less is more. [..] Sustainable cloth and fabric is more than the fibre content or production process. We ensure that the mills we work with prioritise ethical business practices, and that their employees have a safe and positive working environment.“